102 Creative Relay Race Team Name Ideas

If you can’t think of anything, just look around, a picture, a word, a thought, anything that strikes your mind can be made into something fantastic as a team name! Include other team members in this endeavor and enjoy the fun and frolic that gets you to your final team name. The aforementioned list is a mix of funny, inspiring, intimidating, as well as remixed team names that can work great for a relay race. You can also use abbreviations, such as, A.W.T.Ys (Are We There Yet), W.T.F (Where’s The Finish), and the like. All the best!. The options are endless as long as you use your imagination. You can base them on your costume color, for instance, The Gang Greens, The Crazy Purple Minions, and Yellow Bellow Marshmallows. You can also get inspired from your favorite movie characters, and play with the names to come up with something suitable, say, The Hoppits, The Big Fat Pandas, and the like

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