Reputation of Online Poker Machines at Risk, Report Online Casino Australia

This is supported by the case of Leanne Scott, an Adelaide woman recently sentenced to six years imprisonment for stealing money from two employers to fund her online pokie addiction. The issue became so serious that Prime Minister Gillard promised a daily loss limit would need to be set by gamblers on cards they use to enable the machines. With a social cost of $4.7 billion a year it is a problem that cannot be ignored says, owners of several online gaming brands. compares free play gaming to non alcoholic beer, or electronic cigarettes. recently reported that Australians spend $12 billion annually on these machines, losing more money than any other nation.

Online Casino Australia point to free games many online casinos offer as an option for problem gamblers to enjoy without financial commitment.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the availability and accessibility to land based pokies is only fuelling gambling addiction in Australia. This view is not however, shared by those treating gambling addiction. Although free casinos are designed to get gamblers into games and ultimately into the money casino, there is the option of not attaching a card to the account, therefore not making a deposit. It gives problem gamers an outlet without the threat of social devastation.

The gaming firm argues that online and machine gambling cannot be boxed together or placed under the same umbrella.

Studies at the Flinders University by Professor Malcolm Battersby, director of the Human Behaviour and Health Research Unit, lays the blame, primarily, on pokies. Without regulations on maximum bets and loss limits the financial losses will continue. An expert on Self Management and the treatment of problem gambling, he says the growth in sports betting and online gambling has not resulted in an increase in the number of people they treat.

Problem gambling has seen a six fold increase in divorce, a higher tendency to abuse alcohol, cigarettes, and a greater likelihood to raise children to inherit gambling addictions according to an NCBI report. The owners of the licensed clubs offering pokie machines are quick to point out that gambling addiction cannot be blamed on pokies alone. The addiction to the types of poker and pokie machines that are readily available in pubs, hotels and beyond are threatening the good reputation of online poker firms, report popular gaming giant Online Casino Australia.

TA ‘XBIEX, Malta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Last week news sites such as the Herald Sun reported the problem of gambling addiction in Australia.

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